Yes, jrwz.net!

  My name is James Ronald Williams Zavada and
  this is my little domain on the Internet.

  This site is the foyer to my world,
  my laboratory and my playground,
  my workroom and my studio,
  my cleric's chamber;

  Within whose walls I oftimes experience
  my truest inspirations,
  my most irritating frustrations,
  my deepest meditations,
  and my most enjoyable relaxations.

  I am an eclectic, a Seeker
  of understanding and wisdom.
  This World is amazing place,
  filled with wonders.
  'Tis fascinating to learn and
  explore as much of it as I can.

  Among the other things, I'm a Computer Geek.
  I love to tinker in the realm of the cyber.
  This site introduces my ken.

  If you don't like it, you are
  not obliged to stay.

  You are, however, welcome
  to peruse the pages herein,
  to learn and grow with me.
  That is of course,
  unless you bear ill will.