About Me

Me, in 2010

So, you want to know more, eh? Ok then, here's a sampling of what I'm about:

My life is an ever-changing grand experiment that is yet incomplete, and this site reflects that. Like me, it has well-developed areas, as well as rough and unfinished pages. I do hope that you'll find it entertaining and enlightening, and will forgive it's shortcomings. If you've any comments or positive criticisms, want to offer me a job, or just want to say "Hi!", feel free to contact me.

As a Computer Geek, I've my own little network and computer lab at home. I also admin my own mail and web server (the one that hosts this site), and develop my own web pages. For what it's worth, just about the only tools I used to create the pages on this site were my brain and the vi text editor (you don't think I would the make image files with a text editor do you? :). Amongst my fellow Computer Geeks I've frequently been called the vi guy, because vi is my favourite text editor and I'm always willing to teach everyone something new about it. If you want to know more about vi, you may want to start here. Until recently, I worked for Shodor. If you know of anyone in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area needing a System Administrator, please contact me. Prior to Shodor, I worked for iContact. Shortly after moving here in 2006, I worked for Opsware, which was later acquired by HP. Before the move I lived in Central New York, in a village just outside of Syracuse, called Baldwinsville, near where I worked as a Network/System Administrator for Dreamscape Online. I also helped to start the Syracuse Linux User Group, and wound up giving many presentations in addition to being its leader for many years. My experience there helped me to grow from being a unwilling, timid and soft-spoken introvert into an adaptable, more confident and outspoken introvert. Did you notice that I did not say that I'm no longer an introvert? That's because even though I now enjoy working with people, and teaching and speaking in front of groups, dealing with people is very draining, whereas I gain strength from quiet solitud. More about my technical side can be found here.

Regarding my personal side, I'm the son of a Canadian and a U.S. American, born on the island of Bermuda while my dad was in the Air Force. When my dad's enlistment ended, we settled down in Upstate New York, where I did my growing up. Some time after high school I wanted to learn to communicate in Spanish. Eventually I went on to college, and as a part of my studies, I spent a year as an exchange student at the University of Puerto Rico. Although I graduated with a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, and had become functionally bilingual, I discovered at the very end of my college experience that my ideal career would be working with computers. I doggedly pursued my new career dream, and with only a couple of minor diversions along the way (to keep earning a living), I have been working with computers for over 15 years.

I'm married, and I used to detail my pride and love for my family on this site. I had a picture of us, and described a little bit about who we are and some of what I think are our best qualities. However, my wife is uncomfortable with details about her and my son appearing here, and asked me to remove them. Because I love her dearly I'm honouring her request, even though I think she's worrying far too much about it. You'll therefore now find almost no details about her or my son on this web site. I've a bit of an extended family (parents, siblings, nephews, nieces, in-laws, etc.). I love these folks too, and some of them have a presence on the web. Additionally, I've friends that also have a presence on the web.

As I mentioned already, I'm bilingual. My second language is Spanish, and unlike many bilinguals, I voluntarily acquired the language as an adult. My theory and method for learning new languages is self-developed, based on some observations and conclusions I made prior to learning Spanish. I've since discovered that others came up with many of the same ideas well before I did.

My fortunes in life are due to the mercy and benevolence of God and my fellow humans. The misfortunes are usually the result of someone's wrongdoing (most often mine). Although I'm not the most faithful of His followers, Jesus is my teacher. Because of Him, I know the God who created me, and you can too.

I believe that beauty is one of God's creations, and find that Art can be a fascinating expression thereof. I enjoy calligraphy, literature, and music among other art forms. As I have time, I'll list some of my favourite artists and their work, as well as post examples of my own work . Additionally, I've decided to post my reading list online, being that one of my favourite pastimes is reading.

The Internet (and the World-Wide Web), was in part designed as a way to share information. In my travels through cyberspace, I've discovered that people have a tendency to be enthralled by glitz. This has led to many websites becoming overloaded with graphics and browser-specific gimmicks, and underloaded with useful information. Sites that have avoided this problem are listed among some of my favourite links.

I am an avid reader. As a matter of fact, I'm also an unusual reader in that I like to read both fact and fiction, and on all kinds of topics. Reading gives me so much pleasure that I've chosen to share my reading list on this website. If you enjoy reading as much as I do, or if you want to find out what's new in my neck of the woods, here's my version of a blog.

If you know me (or even if you don't), at some point you may choose to present me with a gift. If you have a hard time deciding what I might like, take a gander at my wishlist.