Home Network and Computer Lab

Back in Baldwinsville, NY, I wired my house for ethernet. In addition to hosting my Web and Mail Server, the home network consisted of the family computers, and my computer lab. Some of the OSes actively found on the network were:

For the move to North Carolina, we rented a place until we had found our home. In the house we rented, space was at a premium, so I didn't have the luxury of my own room for the lab. Thus I was limited to just my two workstations (Linux and Mac Mini), my laptop (iBook G4), and any one project. Not as much fun as it used to be, but I made do! And although we've now a permanent place, the room my lab is in is temporary, until I can get an unfinished "storage room" fully wired for electricity, insulated, walled and air conditioned. So I've a real lab again, but I can't get too comfortable in it. ¡Así es la vida!