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Why are Linux, mDNS and AirPrint together
so important to me?

  1. My home computing environment:

    • Primary Desktop: Apple Mac OS X
    • Secondary Desktop: Various flavours of Linux
    • Server OS: Linux
    • PDA: Apple iPod Touch
    • Printer: HP LaserJet 4P / Nano-ITX PC, Debian 5.0 / CUPS

  2. The iPod Touch uses the stock IOS updated to the most recent version (not jailbroken), and I really wanted to be able to print from it.

  3. Apple's AirPrint technology for iPhone/iPad is only officially supported on a select few newer-model printers. However, AirPrint relies on mDNS under the hood to do it's thing.

  4. I acquired HP LaserJet 4P for free (used, with a partially used and an unused toner cartridge) in 2001, and it has been working without problems ever since. Until it dies, I have no real desire to buy a new printer.