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Configuring a Mikrotik RB750G Router for an IPv6 HE Tunnel


I had previously set up an IPv6 Tunnel using Hurricane Electric's Tunnel Broker service, using one of the Linux machines on my home LAN. More recently, I switched from using an off-the-shelf Linksys WRT610n wireless router that had unofficial and broken support for IPv6, to a Mikrotik RB750G router that officially supported IPv6 tunnels. I decided that the new router should be the machine routing IPv6 through the tunnel, and these pages tell how I did it.

It was actually quite easy, as HE (Hurricane Electric) has tunnel endpoint configuration info for several different systems, including Mikrotik's RouterOS. My ISP is TWC residential, with a DHCP-assigned public IP address, so when the address updates, I need to update the tunnel configuration accordingly. Fortunately, the Mikrotik wiki and forums had a tunnel endpoint update script that I could modify to use with my setup. The hardest part to setting things up was figuring out how to input/edit the update script so it could automatically determine the IP address assigned to the WAN interface, and afterwords to figure out the right IPv6 firewall settings for what I wanted.

The following pages provide specific details, including resource links. The information assumes that you already have a working IPv6 tunnel set up with HE's tunnel broker service.