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I'm no longer in the ranks of the unemployed!! This grand experiment called life has me starting off on another adventure, this time with the good folks at Opsware. Although I've enjoyed my “summer of free agency”, I'm looking forward to my first day of work on the 11th of December. It'll be good to get back on a more regular schedule. My wife and son are starting to get fed up with my “hacker's hours” :). Additionally, we think we may have found a local church to call home: Hope Chapel. We've only been to a small handful of services, but all of us seem to be pleased with things there so far. My friend Scott (who from past experience is rightfully wary of churches) came to visit during the Thanksgiving holidays, and attended a Sunday service with us, and even he seemed positive about it. I've yet to sit down for a good long talk with the Pastor, but so far it's looking like a “keeper”.

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