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Google's Diminishing Greatness as a Search Engine

I don't like Google futzing with the search engine home page. The folks there seem to be doing that a lot lately, and it's ticking me off! The latest change has been especially annoying. It's some kind of instant search that fades in while you're entering search terms. Today I got fed up and decided to tell the folks at Google that I'm getting tired of their shenanigans. I found their feedback page and sent them my complaint:


If they want to give folks a way to have a “Google Home Page” with all sorts of “features”, that's fine with me. But why can't they just stick to using domains, sub-domains, and sub-pages, and put a link on the search home page? It worked fine for Gmail and Google Apps. I shouldn't need to keep turning things off. Fancy new “features” should be opt-in, not opt-out! If this kind of “suckage” continues, I'm afraid I'll have to find another search engine. Google is starting to lose it's greatness, and is becoming just another crappy big business, and it makes me sad to see it happen.

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