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I decided that blosxom just wasn't quite doing it for me as far as blogging software goes. I wanted something that would provide the following features:

  • Timestamped entries (blosxom does this)
  • Easier formatting than HTML (blosxom doesn't do this :-()
  • Easier, web-based editing (blosxom is command-line text-based)
  • Easy linking to other posts and to website (blosxom does this, but using HTML :-()
  • Tagged entries (blosxom doesn't do this)
  • Perusal by tags (blosxom doesn't do this)
  • The ability to amend entries after original edit (blosxom does do this)
  • Reading list entries (blosxom could do this, but not as easy as my custom-brewed scripts)
  • The ability to easily document projects or technical insights (HTML isn't easy :-()
  • A wiki/blog that doesn't need a database, or at worse uses sqlite (blosxom does this)

I had already used DokuWiki for various wiki needs, and after taking a look at some of the plugins available, I decided to give it a try as a blogging tool. After some experimentation in an offline environment, I was convinced it meets my needs better than blosxom. I ported my old blog entries, added this entry, and here we are! I hope you find it as much of an improvement as I do. Now I just need to move my reading list.

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