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Here's the part of my site where I get to tell you what I've been up to, what I'm currently doing, what I may be into down the pike, or anything I might feel like expressing in a somewhat public fashion. If you see something here and have questions or thoughts that you'd like to communicate to me, you can use my contact form or look up my contact info here.

Note that dates and times for posts are listed using the U.S. Eastern Standard time zone, and times are listed in 24-hour format (e.g. 7:04AM is 07:04, 7:19PM is 19:19, etc.).


IPv6: The future is now!

I've been intrigued and learning about IPv6 for somewhat over a year now, and I started implementing and using it on my home LAN for some six months ago When I first started to implement it, I discovered that the Linksys WRT610n wireless router I was using as the network's main router has a half-assed implementation of a IPv6 tunnel. Normally I wouldn't print anything approaching such profanity on my web site, but it is the perfect description of what Linksys (Cisco) did: They made the router firmware so that a 6to4 tunnel is enabled, but they didn't document it, nor did they give the user the option of disabling it as part of the normal web interface. In my opinion, that merits the “half-assed” moniker.

Busy, busy, busy.

It seems that my friends are frequently the motivating factor for major updates to my web site. A few months ago, my friend Tommy told me about using business cards at job interviews. I realised that if I was going to do this, I ought to have a web site already prepared. So I re-configured my dot com domain so that instead of redirecting to this one, it now hosts its own material.

Also, I've been revamping this site. I've started using a lightweight blog software, that is much better than using the quick-n-dirty custom kludge I started with. Much less fuss now, as I no longer have to keep it all in a single file, and I don't worry about the timestamps any more.

Another bit of news: I've added a reading list and a wishlist to the web site.

New Projects

Although I've not found a new job yet, I've been keeping busy. In addition to looking for work (of course!), I've been working on various computer projects:

- I replaced a previously-created Linux embedded system with OpenBSD. It acts as my LAN's internal DNS, DHCP and NTP server. I originally came up with the idea to create some more-reliable NTP servers for iContact. One of the problems I had with using OpenBSD for this type of system is that OpenBSD's ability to edit ramdisk contents appears to rely on a custom kernel recompile. However, the OpenBSD maintainers will only support the stock kernels. I cooked up a unique innovation that implements a RAMdisk-based system without altering the standard OpenBSD kernel one bit. I'll post the details here.


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